Get Your Kids on Route 66!


Planning a road trip this summer? Have you thought about taking the family on a Route 66 family vacation? If you’ve heard that Route 66 is dead or no longer exists, or there’s nothing for kids on Route 66, I can reassure you that most of Route 66 is still driveable and business owners are eager for families to come and explore.

Some of the benefits of such a trip:

Bond as a family, learn about the geography of our country, experience American history, meet the people who have kept the spirit of 66 alive, you can tell everyone you were “standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona,” experience a variety of cultures- including Native American culture, explore museums, and just take time to slow down and take it easy!

If you want to see a small sampling of what’s available for families, as well as prepare your children for the trip, check out my books: Annie Mouse’s Route 66 Adventure: A Photo Journal  (I personally took every photograph featured in the book) and  Annie Mouse’s Route 66 Family Vacation (a chapter book for young readers).

To celebrate the start of the travel season, the e-books are on sale- The Photo Journal is only $1.99 and Family Vacation is only .99!  You don’t need a Kindle to enjoy them- just download a Kindle app on whatever device you have and let the kids prepare for their trip or follow along as  you drive the Route!  Download these, and other Annie Mouse adventures, from my Amazon author page: Anne Slanina Amazon author page.

Print books could be found all across the Route, as well as my web site:

Annie Mouse Books web site


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