Annie Mouse’s Route 66 Family Vacation Launch Party!



Come help me celebrate the release of Annie Mouse’s Route 66 Vacation on Facebook! This is the Amazon e-book release (the print version is coming soon!):

This book is the chapter book for elementary school aged children and is a great companion to Annie Mouse’s Route 66 Adventure: A Photo Journal, which is available in both e-book and print versions.

Prizes include an Amazon gift certificate and free books by many wonderful authors, as well as a Route 66 gift pack! 

The launch party is on March 15th from 1-3 EST.  

Join here: Launch Party:

Following is the list of Books that will be given away as Prizes during the party and the names of the Authors who have donated them. Please check out their pages to learn more about them.

Brenda Perlin:  Shattered Reality

Brenda Perlin: Burnt Promises

J.r. Barker: The Adventures of the Frog Prince Her facebook page:   Blogsite- Author Twitter- GoodReads

Lisa Day: Love & Betrayal on the Santa Fe 

Greta Burroughs: Patchy and Calico’s Summer Vacation!

Vickie Johnstone:  Is offering one of her Kiwi books. It will be a paperback copy of Kiwi in Cat City or The Sea Inside. Choice is up to the winner. The Kiwi Series is about the adventures of a magical cat and her friends (for ages 9-99) and The Sea Inside is an escapist fantasy. Here’s her author page:

Douglas Davis: River Dreams

 Kimberly R Hughes and Tamy Burns: Darkest Day and Fateful Night

Ed Drury: The Whale Whisperers

Jennifer Loiske: Black Diamond by

Nadia Kilrick: People of Kilmservy Village

Nicole Storey: Blind Sight

Kim Mutch Emerson: Digitus 223




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