Somebody Loves Me

The art of the written word on real paper is rapidly becoming extinct. Have you thought about how that impacts the elderly who don’t get text messages or emails? This blog, written by a friend of mine, is very moving. I hope it moves you to send a real card in the mail to an elderly friend or relative!

Somebody Loves Me.


2 thoughts on “Somebody Loves Me

  1. Anne, thank you for reposting my blog. It’s so important for us to learn to treasure our elderly family members, friends and neighbors. All of us could really use a “pick me up” note or card, however, an elderly person who is living on memories of what once was, can always benefit from knowing that they are being thought of or prayed for…that their life matters. This small gesture can bring large smiles and filled up hearts:-)

    Thank you for your beautiful Annie Mouse stories. Their messages are wonderful for children and adults alike.

    • Thank YOU for sharing your beautifully written story. It’s such a powerful reminder for all of us to stop and think about the little things that mean a lot to our loved ones- especially the elderly who are being left behind by modern technology. A “real” piece of mail is such a treasure from loved ones. Thank YOU for the reminder! I know how excited I get when I receive a card in the mail. I read it over and over for weeks before it goes in a “treasure box.”

      I am so glad that you enjoy my books!

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