Are you a Route 66 biker with grandchildren?

If you’ve taken a Route 66 trip and have grandchildren you have a great opportunity to teach them about the wonders of the United States. There’s nothing like a great oral story to help children bond with their grandparents. Take lots of pictures and when you return home, sit those children in your lap and talk to them about your travels. Pull out your photographs and let them ask questions. If you don’t have any of your own photographs to share, grab a copy of Annie Mouse’s Route 66 Adventure and read it with them, while you tell them about your own travels. You’ll be surprised at how interested they will become when they know that you have traveled through all of the same places that are shown in the book. One precious gift grandparents can give their grandchildren is a sense of wonder and curiosity and Route 66 travelers already have great experiences to ignite wonder in the children.

front coverPrint volume is available at select Route 66 shops, museums, and other fine establishments along the Route, through  and Amazon.

E-book version is also available through Amazon.

Happy traveling!

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