Love “real” books, but finally found a reason to love my Kindle

I have been very reluctant to embrace the e-book craze. Of course the Annie Mouse series is on Amazon Kindle and I like sharing the series on a large screen when I speak to large audiences; everyone gets to see the pictures while I read, and I highly recommend the format for teachers.

But, I like the feel of real books. I like lounging in a bubble bath with a good book late at night or curling up by the fireplace with a book in one hand a cup of coffee in the other; it’s just not the same with an electronic device!

I received a Kindle a few years ago as a gift. I TRIED to like it; I downloaded a few free books on it right away, but just couldn’t get into it for my own personal reading pleasure.  I never actually read a book on it– until now.  Now that I can see its true purpose in life, I’m hooked!  I recently joined a gym.  A half an hour on an elliptical machine is a long time!  I could never hold a real book and use a machine at the same time. When I was fortunate enough to get one of the machines with a tv monitor, time went faster, but I couldn’t always count on that.  And when I was fortunate enough to get one, I was always flipping through the channels just trying to find something on that would make the time go faster, but often it wasn’t anything I really wanted to see.  Then a few weeks ago, I saw someone using a Kindle. Why hadn’t I seen that wonderful little ledge on the machines before? A perfect ledge for holding a Kindle or tablet.  Suddenly, that half hour flies by as I get in a bonus half hour reading time while working out!  I am hooked! I love that the books could be synced to any of my electronic devices. If I get caught in an unexpected line somewhere, I can pull out my iphone and continue reading one of the books I downloaded. I won’t ever be stuck somewhere again (traffic, doctor’s office, etc.) without having a great book handy.

Will I ever give up my “real” book reading while taking my bubble baths? No way! But now I have “bonus” reading time, too! Every book lover’s delight! I guess I am finally beginning to accept modern technology! Give it a try and tell me what you think.

Happy Reading!


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