Annie Mouse’s Adventures Also Available as e-books

Aside from all of the retail outlets where my books are found, four of my titles are available on Amazon as Kindle e-books:

Baby Brother Goes to the Hospital

Annie Mouse Meets a New Friend

Where the Rainbow Touches Ground

Annie Mouse’s Route 66 Adventure: a Photo Journal

Since Kindle e-books are in black and white when they are downloaded on the Kindle device, many people avoid children’s picture books.  I know I did until I learned more.  What many people don’t realize is that Kindle books aren’t limited to being enjoyed on a Kindle;  you can download a Kindle app for your pc, mac, ipad, etc. and the books will be displayed in full color.  For reading at home to your children, a real book is always the desired format.  But, if you are stuck in an airport, doctor’s office or any place with an unexpected delay and your children are getting “antsy” it’s wonderful to have picture books readily available. Instead of playing games with them on your smartphone, download a picture book and read to them!!  The e-books are also great for teachers. You can download a book on your laptop and project it to your class so that all can see and enjoy as you share.  If all the children can see, there’s a better chance that they will all be attentive.   I enjoy projecting my books when I do an author visit; the children are so much more engaged when they could all see the pictures.  The other neat thing is that you can sync each book that you download on any of your other devices. So, if you’ve been reluctant to try a children’s picture book on the e-book format, download one of the Annie Mouse Adventures and see what you think.  Annie Mouse Meets a New Friend is only .99 for a limited time- so not much of a dollar investment to try it out.

If you’re a Social Studies teacher, give Annie Mouse’s Route 66 Adventure: A Photo Journal a try. It’s filled with actual photographs from all over the country.  Since some of the photos can be difficult to see when showing the book to a group, the e-book projected makes it a perfect choice for a classroom.

Whatever format of book you choose, keep reading to and with children!


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